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Welcome Potential Sponsors

Dear Potential Sponsor,

For the seventh year in a row the FreeWalkers ( are partnering with the East Coast Greenway Alliance ( to encouragee walkers to walk the entire New Jersey ECG, which is about 100 miles (with some extensions and walk in Manhattan), over the entire year of 2017. For the FreeWalkers, we are entering our sixth year and are quickly gaining recognition for our unique physically and mentally challenging events that are always all-inclusive and free. Since we do not charge and prefer to benefit other nonprofits we look for sponsors such as your organization, to provide assistance for our events and programs. Last year's Challenge was a huge success with hundreds of participants and donations that assisted the ECG. 
We expect to have hundreds of participants in the Challenge, most attending one of our three events and some walking independently throughout the year. Because it is a yearly objective we expect to draw traffic to our throughout the year and we'll be keeping tabs on the progress and feedback of our walkers. To help accomplish our goal we provide 3 walks that in total cover the entire 100 mile stretch of the ECG. We are not sure how many people will reach the entire 100 miles but our best guess would be about 100. For this entire program our efforts are also directed to supporting the East Coast Greenway through donations and memberships in that organization.
We also encourage many "practice walks" prior to the events, which draw some that want to walk shorter distances and/or cannot make a particular walk.
Our walkers are as diverse a mix as you can imagine of age, sex, ethnic backgrounds. I invite you to visit and view the sections Walker Stats and WalkTalk to see what makes up our participating audience. There is even a larger, broader audience that follows our activities.
The way the challenge program works is that an online logging system records miles walked along the ECG. Walkers should only record unique miles along the ECG this year so to encourage walking more sections of the trail. We encourage feedback from walkers, combined with social networking ideas, a leaderboard, etc. Obviously, we have the full backing and partnering this year of the East Coast Greenway Alliance who be working with us all the way.
With word getting out there are thousands of curious and potential walkers, and friends of walkers, that will hear about it. It is my hope that all this activity will build to a recognition of our events that are always all inclusive and free. My ultimate desire is to encourage as many people as we can to begin walking for fitness with a goal in mind or at least to explore their limits. Reaching the goal is fine but not the ultimate objective. We respect and acknowledge everyone's participation from walking 1 to 100 miles. Small successes build to bigger ones. Participants often walk away with a rewarding physical experience and surprising personal experiences of new friendships and a better appreciation of community, environmental and pedestrian issues.
Options for Sponsorship for the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge:
While we are still evaluating the best sponsorship opportunities we see the following possibilities:
1) Program Partner Sponsor - provide food, transportation, or staffing - or funding 
2) Program Advertising Sponsor - we'll place your ad on our website, cooperative advertising is another option 
3) Program Rewards Sponsor - you provide incentive rewards for walkers based on the miles they walk to help provide motivation. This could be in the form of gift certificates, merchandise, etc.

The advantages of this program is that  it will take place all year long and benefit the East Coast Greenway. Its a program we believe is good for the walkers, the communities, the East Coast Greenway and all interested sponsors.

Thank you for your interest in the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge. For more information or to discuss sponsoring please contact me. We'd love to have you join us and support our unique event.

Paul Kiczek
Founder, FreeWalkers

Current Sponsors: